New podcast episode: Chin Stroker VS Punter – Episode 396

In episode 396, Paul and Mike discuss the Disney Plus Preview, Invaders from Mars (1986), Spider-Man Far From Home, More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead and MORE

In this week’s episode we divide our time between a sweaty palmed discussion of the upcoming content on streaming app Disney Plus, and a chat about said companies troubling ubiquity. We also get into conversations about niche areas of geekdom (The Back Hole collectors, we are looking at you), hypothetical man-caves as well as the benefits of officially licensed ‘quaffing horns’.

We find time to discuss some recent viewings such as:

  • Invaders from Mars (1986)
  • Spider-man Far From Home
  • Paul’s Buffy Rewatch
  • More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead