Read Adventures in VHS for free

A few years back, I wrote a book called Adventures in VHS, about how the home video era shaped my love of film as a kid. It featured chapters all about that time, with a walk through 50 specially-selected movies.

Each of the films featured had glorious full colour reproductions of their UK VHS big box releases, and I even managed to score an introduction from Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman. I had fun writing it – and people seemed to have fun reading it.

I guess the real purpose of the book was to try and capture a moment in my childhood; to recreate a simpler time in my life where the limit of my responsibilities was returning a tape to the store before 7pm. The book was a labour of love for sure – and as hard as it was to get done at times, the feeling of putting out made it so worth it in the end.

Anyway, I reckon for those locked away with nothing to do, or stressed about the volume of communications coming at them every second, Adventures in VHS might be a timely distraction. So, if you fancy checking it out you can download the book in PDF or ePub format for free at the link below. If you do like it, I’d love to hear from you. Or pass it on to someone else who might… just make sure you wash your hands before you do.

The book was also supported by the Adventures in VHS podcast. All 20 episodes of that show can also be downloaded for free right here.

Download the Adventures in VHS book for free (PDF and ePub) here.