The Kid Syndicate Film Quiz: Edward Scissorhands

We know how it is. The homework is surprisingly hard (for you) and by the afternoon, everyone is pooped. You’d love it if the kids sat still for a movie, but you gave them biscuits for lunch and now they’re bouncing off the walls.

Imagine if they could focus for just a couple of hours on a film. A decent movie. Not Trolls again. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’re going to be posting a series of quizzes you can print off and put out in front of the kids, for classic family movies that are readily available on either Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+.

Each quiz is 10 pretty easy questions, designed to keep the kids focused on getting to the next answer and completing the film. The answers will all be listed here too, so don’t worry if you fall asleep. The questions have been written with a six year old in mind (because that’s how old my son is), but should be suited to kids both a few years younger and older.

Obviously, parental discretion is advised on the movies (Edward Scissorhands is listed as 12+ on Disney+, but if you’ve seen the film you know there’s not much there apart from that one cougar scene), but we’ll be throwing all sorts out there including animated movies too so keep an eye out if you think this flick isn’t right for your little one(s), cause there’s more to come!


Just print off this PDF here (or use a tablet/phone) and come back for the answers once the movie is done. Maybe they get more biscuits if they get 10/10, maybe cultural enrichment is the prize. That part is up to you.

We’d love to know if you use the quiz and if the kids enjoy it, so if they do (or you do!) please hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

Kid Syndicate film quiz: Edward Scissorhands – The answers!

1 – Yellow

2 – A beautiful garden / sculpted hedges

3 – Camping (in the mountains, with some friends)

4 – A pea

5 – Biscuits / cookies

6 – A poetry book

7 – Lemonade

8 – Alexis

9 – The friends heā€™s made

10 – Because it never used to snow ā€“ and now it does!