The Kid Syndicate Film Quiz: Hotel Transylvania

For our second Kid Syndicate Film Quiz (the first was Edward Scissorhands) we’ve gone for something more recent that many of us already know will keep the kids quiet for a bit.

So if you are looking for things to do with the kids now the weather has turned a bit, look no further! You’ll find the U-rated Hotel Transylvania on Netflix, and the movie is full of silly jokes, famous movie monsters and spooky gags.

Simply print off the quiz PDF here (or use a tablet/phone), pop the film on , then come back here for the answers later. And, if you want to give them something else to do, why not crack open the art supplies later and get them to draw their favourite monster – or design their own!

We’d love to know if you use the quiz and if the kids enjoy it, so please let us know on Twitter!

Kid Syndicate Film Quiz Answers: Hotel Transylvania

  1.  Bat
  2. Paradise / Hawaii
  3. Taking a shower
  4. Glasses
  5. 118
  6. Orange
  7. Monsters
  8. Red
  9. In a box
  10. A sunrise