The Kid Syndicate Film Quiz: The Mask

We’re back with another film quiz to introduce your kids to a movie classic – and give you a minute to kick back and relax.

This time we’re looking at Jim Carrey’s 1994 comic book comedy The Mask. So once again, all you need to do is print off the quiz sheet (or use a smartphone/tablet) and pop the film on for the kids (this one you’ll find on Amazon Prime Video). When they are done, pop back for the answers which you’ll find below!

As always, parental discretion is advised, but as most of you will know The Mask is pretty tame. There are a few ‘son of a bitch’ bits, some smoking, an extended Cameron Diaz cleavage shot and a bit of silly comic book violence involving guns, but it’s nothing too intense.

We’re planning to do one of these every weekday of lockdown if people are enjoying/using them – so if you do make use of it, please give us a nudge on Twitter so we know to carry on!

Kid Syndicate Film Quiz Answers: The Mask

  1. Ipkiss
  2. The mask
  3. A big hammer / mallet
  4. Behind the cushion
  5. Yellow
  6. A butterfly
  7. In the cupboard / wardrobe
  8. Milo the dog
  9. Cheese
  10. He swallows it