Tales From The Tapedeck – Suede Part Two (1996-2002)

Noel and Marc return for the second part of their Tales From The Tapedeck special to discuss the career of their beloved Suede after the departure of their hugely talented and influential guitarist Bernard Butler. 

With new talent Richard Oakes (guitar) and Neil Codling (keyboards), the band hit their pop peak in ’96 with Coming Up, before releasing the divisive Head Music in ’99 and then coming back with A New Morning in ’02.

You can stream the episode below or subscribe to the Pod Syndicate Bonus feed here. But what are the key tracks that define the band during this period? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too…

Listen along to the show with a specially curated playlist and go track by track through a fascinating chapter in Suede’s long and illustrious career.