Fan/Creator Spotlight (video): Conversation with Jimmy ‘Mac’: Rebel Force Radio

Mike from PodSyndicate/Chin Stroker VS Punter speaks to Jimmy “Mac” McInerney from Rebel Force Radio.

Fandom can be a wonderful thing. Powered by passion, it forges friendships, creates communities and brings people together. More importantly, fandom inspires intense creativity. In this series of articles, podcasts and videos, we speak to fans about how and why they do what they do, and showcase their incredible work.

Jimmy is a Chicago-based podcaster and radio professional.

He is the producer and co-host of RebelForce Radio, Star Wars Rebels: Declassified, Star Wars Influences, Star Wars Oxygen, and the owner of ShotGlass Digital. He co-hosted the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Behind-The-Scenes Stage in 2015, produced the radio dramas Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit and Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty, and has contributed to several issues of Star Wars Insider.

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