Video: Noel Builds… HG 00 Sky Moebius

The third in a series of Gundam build videos, but without all the waffle at the beginning and end. This time, Noel gets right to the good stuff with a time-lapse of his HG 00 Sky Moebius kit build.

So, build number 3. Here we go. So far then, I did the Entry Grade RX-78-2, which was a really simple one hour build. Then I followed that up with the High Grade GX 9901 Double X, which was a little more challenging and took about three hours. But all in, I’ve been having a great time.

I’ve learned a fair bit about gunpla, from scales and grades to equipment and that kind of thing. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos, joined a couple of Discord chats, I’ve even been reading up on certain modding techniques like panel lining, weathering and… repainting a Gundam to make it look like Optimus Prime (seriously, watch this space on that last one).

Thing is, I was aware that I still knew nothing about Gundam itself. I found myself looking at these final models and thinking ‘who is this?’ Like, are these robots sentient? Are they piloted? Are they aliens? I had absolutely no idea, so I decided it was time to do some watching. Now, it’s probably worth saying that, I’m no anime guy. Like many people, I had a bit of a phase in my teenage years, which in my case was around the time Manga Video arrived in the UK. So, I was well versed with titles like Akira, Guyver, Doomed Megalopolis, Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D. I even remember being pretty keen on the Urotsukidoji series (what? Don’t judge me). But, outside of Ghibli (which I kind of consider as cinema more than anime), I haven’t really touched anime in over 25 years. And Gundam feels like a pretty big brick in a very massive wall. So… where do you start with that?

Well, I knew I wanted to start at the beginning and find out who my guy RX-78-2 (the first build I did) was, so the natural next step was to sign up to Crunchyroll and check out the original Mobile Suit Gundam from 1979. I’d already watched a great video from Crunchyroll that explained the various timelines of the Gundam universe and how they do (and don’t) connect, so I figured if I liked MSG, I could just dip in to other series’ and timelines later. And yeah, I’m really glad I did.

So, if you don’t know, Mobile Suit Gundam is set in the fictional futuristic timeline of Universal Century 0079, where mankind has gone beyond Earth and, under the banner of the Earth Federation, has colonised space. However one colony, The Principality of Zeon, has declared a war of independence on the Federation and has developed an army of piloted robot mecha (or ‘mobile suits’) that have pushed the war into something of a stalemate. This forces the federation to develop its own suit (the aforementioned RX-78-2), which is then prematurely called into action when Zeon attacks neutral colony ‘Side 7’. Here, a young boy called Amuro Ray, having scrambled into the RX-78-2 suit to escape the attack, manages to take control of the Federation mobile suit and hastily sees off the attacking forces of Zeon. From there, Amuro battles the armies of Zeon – led by the (kind of diminutive but cool) Char Aznable, who is known as the ‘Red Comet’ – and helps to protect the Federation’s colonies and bases using the RX-78-2.

In short, I’ve really enjoyed MSG so far. It’s a comfortable entry point to Gundam and a great introduction to the universe and, honestly, it hasn’t aged that badly – especially when you considers me of the western animation that would have been knocking around at the same time. The music is occasionally a bit hokey, but then at other times quite brilliant. I have to admit, I was also kind of struck by some of the little animation traits that reminded me of my beloved Transformers: The Movie (1986). That probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise really, not least because a lot of the original Generation 1 Transformers series and that movie were designed and animated by Korean and Japanese studios like Akon and Toei. But it was pretty weird having these occasional little moments trigger the unfortunately large part of my brain still dedicated to the ’86 movie in particular.

So, with one Entry Grade and one High Grade kit under my belt, where too next? Well, I’d already decided I wasn’t quite ready for the Real Grade Astray Red Frame kit I’d eagerly purchased previously. And, having had a major urge to go shopping in a real store, I’d picked up another High Grade kit from the wonderful Travelling Man store in Manchester. So, I grabbed a glass of wine, set up my time-lapse camera and got cracking with the 00 Sky Moebius. And you can check out the build right here:

As some of you know, I’d established a bit of a format with the last couple of videos. Essentially I’d blather on about what I’d learned about Gunpla, then do an unboxing, then build, then review. But if I’m honest, it’s a lot of work doing all that – and work isn’t why I got into Gunpla, quite the opposite in fact. So, having already done an unboxing video, written a whole intro and review script (basically what you are reading on this page), I decided to make things a little easier on myself.

I’m going to continue to do build videos, because I’m really enjoying Gunpla, and I’m going to continue to do these little time-lapse videos of the builds and hopefully get better at that. I’ll probably do some supporting posts like this too, so people can read about where I’m at with it all and I’m also going to lean into a couple of comments I had about this section of the videos being a relaxing watch. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying them. Please let me know if you are.