Fan/Creator Spotlight (video): Conversation with Cameron Cloutier: Twin Peaks fan-film Queen of Hearts

Mike from PodSyndicate is joined by filmmaker and Twin Peaks YouTuber Cameron Cloutier as part of our ongoing series of articles, videos and podcast in the Fan/Creator series where we speak to a ‘fandom creator’ who is doing great work.

Fandom can be a wonderful thing. Powered by passion, it forges friendships, creates communities and brings people together. More importantly, fandom inspires intense creativity. In this series of articles, podcasts and videos, we speak to fans about how and why they do what they do, and showcase their incredible work.

Cameron, host of Youtube channel Obnoxious and Anonymous and creator of the Twin Peaks fan-film Queen of Hearts, talk Twin Peaks, fan communities and using your fandom to create your own content and art. Check out Cameron’s awesome youtube channel and learn more about his fan-film Queen of Hearts over at Obnoxious and Anonymous