About us

Pod Syndicate was created by a group of like-minded souls who’d been podcasts, website and magazine collaborators for over a decade.

In 2010, Jordan (His Film Her Movie) started the Eat Sleep Live Film website with Noel (Beyond the Neon) and Ian (Film Basterds). In addition to regular articles from Stefan (What’s On Tap) and Dan (Mondo Movie), the site had a long-running podcast 35mm Heroes, hosted by Jordan, Noel and Ian. However, both the site and the podcast closed its doors in 2014.

The gang stayed in touch though, whether on social media, at film festivals or guesting on one another’s podcasts, alongside an extended group of friends that included Mike and Paul (Chinstroker vs Punter), Marc and Becky (Film Basterds) and on the other side of the Atlantic, Jason and Stephen (Entertainment Landfill).

Jordan went out into the world to co-create a successful magazine, Verite. Noel wrote his first book Adventures in VHS (based on his podcast of the same name), and Ian teamed up with Marc and Becky for Film Basterds.

In 2019, having grown nostalgic for the more collaborative past, Noel suggested getting the band back together, to create one home for all our collective shows – as well as a space for us all to write and collaborate.

New blood had joined the ranks in Lauren (Jordan’s future wife) and Adam, and so Pod Syndicate was born – a podcast network for film, television and popular culture, and a collaborative space for new ideas.

To find out more about this crew or get in touch with any of them, check out the bios below:

Mike James – Chin Stroker VS Punter and The Rewatch Project co-host

When Mike decided to pursue the simple conceit ‘what happens when you get a film student and an every-man to discuss film and television?’ Chin Stroker VS Punter was born As the self-appointed Chin Stroker in this dynamic, Mike wondered, would they agree? Would they fight? Would their their friendship survive? The answer is no, yes and yes (so far).

Paul F – Chin Stroker VS Punter co-host

As the ‘Punter’ half of the CSvP duo, Paul has had to face a whole range of changes over the years. But despite shifts in show format, becoming a chin-stroking film student himself, and seeing Mike move from Birmingham to Middle Earth (New Zealand), Paul has stayed strong – and their podcast bromance has endured.

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Marc Foster – Film Basterds Co-Host.

Marc has been writing and podcasting about film for almost ten years now. In 2012 he and podcasting life partner Ian Loring started Film Basterds (originally Dude and a Monkey) joined in 2018 by Becky Foster. Marc prides himself on his ability to see the brilliance in films most fail to recognise, leading him to often be called an idiot… which he also takes great pride in.

Rebecca Foster – Film Basterds Co-Host.

Rebecca first joined Film Basterds as their Stephen King Correspondent, later joining as a co-host whilst Ian took a sabbatical. On Ian’s triumphant return he insisted Becky stay onboard. Becky reads extensively about pretty much every film the team or she herself covers to make sure she can school the boys. Becky brings a different vibe to Film Basterds and loves the fact she gets to call Marc (her husband) an idiot on air.

Ian Loring – Film Basterds Co-Host.

Podcasting for over a decade while still not entirely sure how levels work, Ian’s 2 previous podcasts Cinerama and joint effort 35mm Heroes led him to this very site today. Now co-host of Film Basterds, he primarily spends his time trying to figure out whether he should buy/keep a 4K Blu-Ray player while also debating just why Tom Ford got it so wrong with the Ombre Leather fragrance.

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Stefan Halley – What’s on Tap podcast co-host

A 15-year podcasting veteran, Stefan was looking to start a new show in 2017 that was focused around beer in the European and more specifically, Scandinavian market. In craft brewer Mathias Olofsson, he found his podcasting partner and together they started one of the first craft beer podcasts in Sweden.

Martin Lindstrom – What’s on Tap podcast co-host

With Mathias Olofsson temporarily putting his beer glass down on the What’s on Tap podcast, Martin Lindstrom (another crazy Swedish beer nerd) bravely picked his own to join. Together with Stefan, Martin now hosts the weekly podcast which focuses on beer reviews, bars, beer festivals, interviews, games and more.

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Adam Lowes – Pod Syndicate writer / collaborator

Adam has been writing about film for over a decade now, starting off contributing to award-winning film site HeyUGuys. A cinema obsessive from an early age, he’s also a (semi) regular contributor to CineVue, as well as writing for recent blog The Hot Corn, which is affiliated with the new film & TV online streaming service, CHILI.

Jason Walstrom – Entertainment Landfill Host

In the year 2005 Jason listened to his first podcast and realised his destiny… creating hours of himself talking with friends about movies, television and games with a sprinkling of clips. That day, Nowhere in Mulberry was born and Jason would be forever known as The Jastrom. The show is now known as Entertainment Landfill, but The Jastrom continues to be joined by his faithful co-host Stephen the Pop Culture Zealot.

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Jordan McGrath – His Film Her Movie Podcast co-host

After being in the film blogosphere for over a decade now, with several websites and podcasts (including 35mm Heroes) in the rear view mirror, Jordan decided to dip his toe once again into the world of podcasting – this time with his soon-to-be wife, Lauren, and thus The His Film Her Movie Podcast was born.

Lauren Johnston – His Film Her Movie Podcast co-host

Lauren has many loves, a few keys ones being her cat, films and talking. Therefore, after a new love of podcasts, she decided during one drunken night in Edinburgh, to put the latter two loves to work and hasn’t looked back since. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanatic, her happy place is on her sofa, wrapped up in a blanket with a large glass of rosé wine.