Fan/Creator Spotlight (video): Conversation with Cameron Cloutier: Twin Peaks fan-film Queen of Hearts

Mike from PodSyndicate is joined by filmmaker and Twin Peaks YouTuber Cameron Cloutier as part of our ongoing series of articles, videos and podcast in the Fan/Creator series where we speak to a ‘fandom creator’ who is doing great work.

Fan/Creator Spotlight (video): Conversation with Filmumentaries creator Jamie Benning

Mike from PodSyndicate speaks to Jamie Benning, the director, producer and editor of Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, Returning to Jedi, Raiding the Lost Ark and Inside Jaws; documentary repurposings of your favourite blockbusters. Video after the jump..

Video Interview: Evan Evagora (Elnor, Star Trek Picard)

It was a thrill to hang-out with the very talented and likable Evan Evagora, better know as the sword-wielding Romulan Elnor on Star Trek: Picard. We discuss everything from the casting process, first day at work jitters, working with Jonathan Frakes and Jeri Ryan, to

Video Interview: Donald P. Bellisario (Magnum PI, Airwolf, Quantum Leap, and NCIS)

With a body of work that includes Kojak, Battlestar Galactica, Quincy ME and creating iconic franchises including Magnum PI, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Airwolf, Quantum Leap, JAG and NCI, Donald P Bellisario has a chat with Mike from CvsP with Mike about his career.