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Content, communications and marketing professional by day, part time academic, podcaster and author of Adventures in VHS by night.

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2006 – Present: Career and education

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006, Noel began his professional career as a news agency copywriter, galvanising his writing skills while exploring design, video and animation in his spare time.

He spent 10 years at agencies large and small, leading content teams, working closely with high profile clients like Nintendo, BBC, Aldi and many more, before finally returning to Manchester Met in 2017 to take on his current role as Head of Content.

2010 – 2014: Grimmfest, Splintered and Eat Sleep Live Film

In 2010, Noel began a three-year stint as co-organiser of the Grimm Up North Film Festival (aka Grimmfest), responsible for design, online marketing and event programming.

This led to his involvement with Not A Number Productions and the launch of their debut feature Splintered. In addition to design, marketing and PR for the film, Noel even came up with the ‘curiosity is a killer’ tagline – capping a lifelong obsession with this vital movie marketing element.

It was around this time Noel got involved with Eat Sleep Live Film, an award-winning movie blog and podcast that closed its doors in 2014. Since then, Noel has continued his film and pop culture podcasting, launching the Pod Syndicate network with his friends and colleagues in 2019.

2012 – 2016: Adventures in VHS

In about 2012, after writing a series of articles about his childhood obsession with VHS rentals and genre movies, Noel embarked on his first book Adventures in VHS.

This part biographical, part review-based book was backed by a highly successful podcast and social media campaign, that saw the project to be picked up by crowd-funding publisher Unbound in 2014.

Sadly, lack of support and a fundamental misunderstanding of the project on that publishers part forced Noel to make the tough decision to take the project back. Finally, after an exhausting year of writing, editing, designing and marketing the book on his own, Noel was able to crowd fund and publish the book himself – and put it out in March 2016.

2018 – 2020: Beyond the Neon

After so much agony getting Adventures in VHS out there, Noel thought he was done with podcasts and writing projects… before a new one eventually came along that fired his imagination.

Originally titled Adventures in VHS Too, Beyond the Neon was to be a more academic endeavour, exploring the popular culture of the 1980s to try and understand why it was the way it was – to scratch the usual day-glo nostalgia for the decade and see what lay beneath.

Beyond the Neon ran for 11 in-depth, documentary-style episodes and looked at everything from kids TV and toys to moral panics and the relationship between 80s politics and superheroes. The project also gave Noel the opportunity to write and deliver his first academic paper at the 1980s Gothic Symposium in June 2019.

2020: Untitled superhero project

As of writing this, Noel is neck-deep in his next project – which explores the rich history of comic book characters on the page, as well as their various translations to the screen.

This as-yet-untitled project will study superhero characteristics and storylines, and how various writers and creators have successfully – and unsuccessfully – adapted and developed these characters over the years.

Ultimately, the plan is to develop this into a book, but as with Adventures in VHS, Noel plans to seek out interviews and more to build an audience through a series of podcasts.