Our podcasts

The best podcasts for film, television, pop culture and more – all in one place. Pod Syndicate brings together a wide range of shows, all hosted by passionate individuals in it purely because they love it.

You can find out more about all of our individual shows at the links below, where you’ll also find links to locations where you can subscribe, stream or download them.

Discover Beyond the Neon – The documentary podcast that dares to delve beneath the veneer of 1980s pop culture.

Discover Chin Stroker vs Punter – Art vs entertainment? Style vs content? Schindler’s List vs Weekend at Bernie’s? Discussion ensues.

Discover Entertainment Landfill – Film, television, video games and pop culture… here’s where ya find it!

Discover Film Basterds – Three-way film chat on the latest releases with a side order of news and tangents.

Discover His Film Her Movie – Exactly what films should you not watch with your parents? All this and much more…

Discover The Rewatch Project with Hannah & Mike – Immediate reactions to each and every installment of beloved franchises. Enthusiasm and irreverence will abound...