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Film Rant Returns – #FilmRant365

An episode of Noel’s first podcast Film Rant from 2011, where he looks back on his year of watching 365 films he’s never seen before – and talks about the very best and worst of them.

Play it Forward – October 2020

The guys are back with a brand new, extended and more relaxed episode of Play It Forward – in which they shoot the breeze for a bit before getting into four fresh movie reviews.

Tales From The Tapedeck Episode 5 – John Mayer

Volume 5 of Tales From The Tapedeck sees Marc wax lyrical about John Mayer… How he discovered him, his most essential works and why he doesn’t give a god damn if people question why he would listen to Mayer!

The show comes with a specially curated 15-track Spotify playlist, which you can listen along to in your own time – or alongside the chat itself.

Tales From The Tapedeck Episode 4 – Ice-T and Body Count

Volume 4 of Tales From The Tapedeck has Noel travel back to the early 90s to tell Marc about how the music of Ice-T and Body Count became part of his life – and how Ice-T’s cautionary gangster stories and punk attitude still hold a place in his heart today.

The show comes with a specially curated 15-track Spotify playlist, which you can listen along to in your own time – or alongside the chat itself.

Play It Forward – August 2020

Play it Forward returns to break up the summer of sadness with reviews of The Jerk (1979), The Kitchen (2019), Surviving The Game (1994) and Phantom of the Paradise (1974).

Tales From The Tapedeck Episode 3 – Suede (The Butler Years)

Join Marc (Film Basterds) and Noel (Beyond the Neon) for their latest Tales From the Tapedeck show where they look at the early career of a shared favourite band, Suede.

As always, you can listen to the show and check out a specially curated Spotify playlist that you can stream right here!

SLATERCAST! – Part One: The Early Years

Join Marc (Film Basterds) and Noel (Beyond the Neon) as they dig deep into the world of their beloved Christian Slater, to discuss the man, the movies and more.

In this first episode, the guys look at Slater’s early years as a leading man and how he managed to to hit his stride with five great films in Gleaming the Cube, Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, Kuffs and True Romance.

Tales From The Tapedeck Volume 2 – Cake

Noel (Beyond the Neon) and Marc (Film Basterds) return to talk about their favourite bands and how they came to love them, alongside a specially curated Spotify Playlist.

This time around, Noel talks to Marc about Sacramento, California’s Cake, going through some of their best work track-by-track and exploring the sounds, themes and influences of the band.

What’s Your Damage – Young Sherlock Stuffs Sixteen Candles

We go back even further into the archives to check out Noel (Beyond the Neon) and Mike’s (Chinstroker VS Punter) first joint foray into the world of 1980s movies for their tragically short-lived show What’s Your Damage.

In this first episode, Mike introduces Noel to 1985’s Young Sherlock Holmes, Noel introduces Mike to 1985’s The Stuff and they both delve into the John Hughes classic from 1984, Sixteen Candles.

Check out Noel’s Tales From the Tapedeck Cake Playlist here.

Tales From The Tapedeck Volume 1 – Two Gallants

Listen to Noel (Beyond the Neon) and Marc (Film Basterds) talk about their favourite bands and how they came to love them, alongside a specially curated Spotify Playlist for you to check out.

In this first episode, Marc introduces Noel to California blues-rock duo Two Gallants via some of their most essential tracks.

Check out Marc’s Tales From the Tapedeck Two Gallants Playlist here.

What’s Your Damage – Escape From Pee Wee’s Caddyshack

A real step back in time here for an archive episode of What’s Your Damage – the 1980s movie show from Noel (Beyond the Neon) and Mike (Chinstroker vs Punter) which ran for just three shows.

Randomly, this episode is episode two, but the guys get deep into some great flicks from the era – Escape From New York, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Caddyshack. And at over two hours, there’s some good listening here!

Adventures in VHS – Episode 3: Devouring Waves and Monster

In this third episode from Adventures in VHS archives, it’s back-to-back creatures from the deep with Lamberto Bava’s Devouring Waves (1984) and Barbara Peeters’ Monster (1980 – AKA Humanoids from the Deep).

As always, Noel (Beyond the Neon) looks at the history of the movies themselves, the VHS tapes acquired for the book and everything from the trailers to the artwork to whether or not you should check them out.

Play It Forward – January 2020

Noel, Marc and Ian are back with a brand new episode of Play It Forward – the show where each host ‘gifts’ a co-host one iTunes movie they think the other will enjoy. So, how well do they know one another’s tastes?

Play It Forward ran for some time as a bonus show on the Film Basterds feed, but for 2020 we’ve come back to it with fresh eyes and will be publishing a new episode every month right here… with a fourth Pod Syndicate family member joining us for the upcoming February show!

In this episode, Noel gifts Marc the 2005 corrupt cop drama Dirty, Marc gifts Ian the 1993 Neo noir Romeo is Bleeding, and Ian gifts Noel the 2015 blockbuster Tom Cruise smuggling adventure American Made.

Chin Stroker VS Punter Bonus Episode: Fandom Down Under with William Geradts

In this bonus ep, Mike from Chin Stroker VS Punter chats with William Geradts, owner/operator of New Zealand’s largest public expo events, Armageddon Expo

Having run these huge events for 25 years, nobody is better placed to discuss fandom, from the New Zealand perspective, like Bill. So join Mike as he gets to learn more about his adopted home through the lens of the ‘Geek Boss’ as well as a look behind the curtain into the business of expos/conventions.

Episode 2 – Adventures in VHS: Class of Nuke Em High (archive show)

The second episode of the Adventures in VHS podcast, recorded long before the book was published in 2016. Once again, Noel looks into one VHS classic, discussing its history, UK VHS release and speaking to someone involved with the film itself.

In this episode, Noel covers the 1986 Troma classic Class of Nuke Em High and has an exclusive interview with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman about the home video boom and what it meant for the major studios who were terrified of the power it gave to independent creators.

Episode 1 – Adventures in VHS: Creepozoids (archive show)

The first episode of the now defunct Adventures in VHS podcast, Beyond the Neon creator Noel Mellor’s love letter to the home video era. In each episode, Noel digs into the history of one VHS classic, reviews the tape, the movie and speaks to the people involved with the film itself.

In this first ever show, Noel dives into at 1987’s Creepozoids and speaks exclusively to its director David DeCoteau about the making of the film and what it was like to be part of the film industry at a time where home video meant there was a massive hunger for genre content