Fan/Creator Spotlight (video): Conversation with Filmumentaries creator Jamie Benning

Mike from PodSyndicate speaks to Jamie Benning, the director, producer and editor of Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, Returning to Jedi, Raiding the Lost Ark and Inside Jaws; documentary repurposings of your favourite blockbusters. Video after the jump..

New podcast episode: Chin Stroker VS Punter – 410: Listener Questions, Our Fantasy Films, Bad Boys series, Dr Sleep and MORE

Some free-form fun this week as Paul and Mike take questions from listeners, share some memories of working at a cinema, talk about what films we would make if we had a blank cheque and some other odds and sods like the Bad Boys films

New podcast episode: Chin Stroker VS Punter – Episode 403: Rise of Skywalker and MORE

Join us as we discuss The Rise of Skywalker, The Black Hole, Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Trancers (Paul’s take), 6 Underground, Robocop 2 and MORE